If you are looking for quality Herping products at a reasonable cost then you have landed in a great place. We look forward to serving you!

Welcome to our website where our number one goal is to provide our customers with beautiful and durable custom made snake hooks and pinners as well as attachments and accessories.

We have done numerous vertical and horizontal weight tests on our hooks and pinners. You will not find many companies that will offer guarantees based on weight. Our hooks are not just made for moving snakes in and out of their enclosure like some of our competitors. Our hooks and pinners are made for the field and tested in the field. We are Herpers that put our own equipment through the roughest conditions daily so you have the benefits of constant improvements for a better product.

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Before you decide to order a snake hook/pinner from us you will need to do the following:
1. Decide what length you want your hook/pinner to be. We do a max of 36 inches but can go as low as you like. The measurement will be from the base of the handle to the top of the hook/pinner.
2. Decide what color(s) you would like to have on the shaft and hook/pinner. We can do other patterns but the price will go up with difficulty of painting. We can put tape on the handles but this will eventually wear and you will need to replace it or remove it. We use great looking handles under the tape so when the tape is removed you will have a nice handle. When you choose a "Metal" color hook/pinner we will clear coat it to protect it and to reduce infection if you where to use it to show the fangs of a venomous snake.
3. Decide on what hook/pinner style you would like. Please be sure to check out our photos to see examples and descriptions of each hook style.

We do offer graphite shafts but they have a color/pattern already on them and will not be painted. These will be limited and based on supplies. Check our available album to see if we have any in stock.

As long as the hook/pinner is used properly we will guarantee our hooks for the following weights for one year.

1. Horizontal (shaft) weight -
a. 36 inches and under metal shaft, 5/16 steel hooks: 35lbs
b. Graphite Shafts with 3/16 steel hooks: 10lbs
c. Mini Hook/Pinners with 3/16 steel: Unknown

2. Vertical (Hook/Pinner) weight -
a. 36 inches and under metal shaft, 5/16 steel hooks: 200lbs
b. Graphite Shafts with 3/16 steel hooks: 65lbs
c. Mini Hook/Pinners with 3/16 steel: 65lbs

Be sure to watch our videos to show how we tested our hooks/pinners. If a hook/pinner is miused we will not guarantee it. We retain the right to review the claim and hold the right to make the final decision. The above weight and guarantee is suject to change without notice so please check back.

David Weimert


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Color Options

We have a vast collection of colors. We can go with a standard metal look or add some flare to your hook. We can customize the color(s) of the shaft and/or the hook. Please let us know what color(s) you would like.